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Afaxys GPO Customer
Since 2008

"Our organization realized monthly savings of +$3,000 shortly after implementing Afaxys GPO contract pricing. There was no effort involved on our part. We continued to order commonly used products from our preferred supplier as usual. At the end of the month, these items cost us much less than they had weeks earlier. We have also been able to extend our reach by contacting similar groups with the help from Afaxys. When I needed an answer from one of my counterparts, the Afaxys team was able to share contact information and details of similar situations experienced by GPO members. It takes a village, and Afaxys has been the Town Hall."

Chain Manager
New York

"The Afaxys agreement with McKesson for medical supplies provides annualized savings of 18.7% ($42,040.19). Purchase of 5 Ultrasound machines resulted in savings of 33% or $121,275. I was able to use Afaxys leverage for negotiation of an agreement with 1-800Flowers, providing a discount of 15% on purchase of all 1-800Flowers products. The Staples Advantage agreement provides ongoing savings of approximately $8,500/year to include freight, merchandise and product order-entry that provides an up-loadable report including General Ledger numbers for our AP department. Working with Afaxys to identify opportunities really pays off!"

New Jersey
Afaxys GPO Customer
Since 2008

"Afaxys has truly been a business partner to our Affiliate. They have provided exceptional customer service, advocated with vendors on our behalf and have been extremely responsive, resourceful and friendly. They are a pleasure to do business with and never make me feel like an inquiry, question or problem is an imposition. It's been a pleasure working with the Afaxys GPO team!"