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The Afaxys Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

is a strategic sourcing operation that negotiates favorable pricing across a broad base of healthcare products and services so that all of its members, regardless of size or purchase volume, have access to best-in-class suppliers and service providers.

Key Unique Affiliations

Afaxys GPO has many unique affiliations such as with MediGroup and CPG to help you better serve your patients' needs. Our MediGroup affiliation allows you access to hundreds of product, supplier and service contracts. You get the best selection, pricing, and access to:

  • Medical-surgical supplies
  • Branded & Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Afaxys Pharmaceutical products
  • Services critical to maintaining the clinic
  • Medical equipment, office supplies, furniture

Unlimited Access
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Main Core Benefits:

  • Custom built for you and your needs
  • Affordable access to a wide spectrum of products and services for all aspects of your business
  • Quality reputable contracts with meaningful discounts
  • Exclusive pricing and term deals
  • No member fees
  • No minimum purchasing volumes or percentages
  • No exclusivity requirements

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About Afaxys, Inc

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Afaxys, Inc. is a mission driven, socially conscious business enterprise dedicated
to serving the healthcare needs of public health providers and their patients.