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Company Headquarters

-PPFA: Planned Parenthood Affiliates.
-C&U: Colleges, Universities, and Pharmedix.
-CCS: City, County, and State government facilities
-FQHC: Federally Qualified Health Centers and their look-a-likes
-IFP: Independent Family Planning clinics, offering only family planning services
-SCHOOL SYSTEM: high school systems
-OUTPATIENT/URGENT CARE: Outpatient and Urgent Care clinics not federally funded
-FREE & CHARITABLE: National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFCC)
-MEDICAL PRIVATE PRACTICE: Private practice physicians that offer more than family planning services
-HOSPITAL OWNED MEDICAL GROUP: hospital affiliated medical practices that do not have hospital locations
-OTHER/CHC: Community Health Centers and other clinics not included in the above definitions.
-HOSPITAL: Hospital or Medical Center location
-FEDERAL: Federal Government and Military facilities including Military mail order.
-CLOSED HMO: highly controlled closed health maintenance organization systems (e.g. Kaiser) – group of physicians that are employees or contract with the HMO.

340b is a government pricing program. To learn more, go to

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General Overview of the Types of Products and Services You Utilize

Ex: ABC Alliance, IUDs, vaccines, office supplies, etc.

Ex: IUDs, oral contraceptives, printing paper, uniform services, etc.

Ex: Bayer, Anda, Smith Medical, Staples, Aramark, etc.

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