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Afaxys is a mission-driven, socially conscious business enterprise that’s dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of public health providers and their patients.

Afaxys Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) offers access to discounted prices on a broad selection of products and services you need to run your health center and deliver optimal patient care. Best of all, membership is free!

GPO is short for Group Purchasing Organization. A GPO negotiates prices on mission-critical products, supplies and services on behalf of health organizations and clinics.

Public or private “not-for-profit” public health providers and entities, including any government or student health clinics, as well as “for-profit” practices and groups, who provide safety net services by accepting high volumes of Medicaid, cash and/or charitable care patients.

As a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), the Afaxys GPO receives a small administrative fee (generally ranging from 1% to 3%) on its GPO members’ purchases from each specific vendor in accordance with the GPO safe harbor. Administrative revenue currently comprises most of Afaxys’ operating revenue, and allows it to provide valuable services. Administrative fees are paid to Afaxys directly by the suppliers and manufacturers, not by the members.

No, we are not a distributor. A distributor is responsible for maintaining stock of a product and maintaining a qualified customer service department on call to deal with any issues that arise.

Afaxys Pharma is a separate business unit under the same corporate umbrella. Afaxys Pharma is the #1 provider of oral and emergency contraceptives in US clinics, providing a full range of oral and emergency contraceptives at stable and affordable prices.

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How it works

Once your membership is confirmed, you are eligible to start taking advantage of the Afaxys GPO’s negotiated pricing. Please note that sometimes it can take 30—60 days for all the suppliers to update their systems. However if there is a supplier you are anxious to begin working with, the Afaxys GPO will assist in expediting your access to those products. When setting up your account with new suppliers, they will likely request additional information from you to update their system.

The application process is simple. Go to, click on “Become a Member” under the Benefits tab, and fill out the form. A member of our customer care team will be in contact with you shortly. Once your paperwork is processed, you’ll receive membership confirmation and access to the Afaxys GPO website, which has all the information needed to get started.

Not to worry, we don’t have any exclusivity requirements.

Our website provides all of the information you need to access the contracts, products and services you’re interested in.You can also call our designated customer service line at any time at 855-GPO-INFO.

As a member, you’ll be added to our email distribution list to be included on eblasts, special promotions and price changes.

No Member Fees!
No minimum purchase volumes.

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