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GPO is short for Group Purchasing Organization. A GPO leverages the purchasing power of a group of businesses in order to obtain discounts from suppliers on the collective buying power of its members.

Afaxys, Inc, was founded as a first-of-its-kind healthcare company in 2008 to ensure that the public health sector has reliable, affordable access to the quality, FDA-approved products and services they need to provide quality care for patients.

We built our GPO by listening to the needs of the public health sector. Our strategic sourcing operation was created exclusively for public health to provide access to quality products at a much lower cost, regardless of purchase volume. All our members, regardless of size or purchase volume, have access to best-in-class suppliers and service providers.

Membership is FREE and there are no minimum purchase volumes.

Our in-demand suppliers relationships allow us to negotiate special pricing for our public health and safety net clinic partners. We leverage the volume of the entire purchasing group, giving you the best selection and lowest prices.

Click on Become a Member to fill out the form. A Customer Engagement Representative will contact you. Once your application and agreement are processed, you’ll receive a membership confirmation and access to the Afaxys GPO member website and our low negotiated prices.

Public or private “not-for-profit” public health providers and entities, including government or student health clinics. “For-profit” practices and groups, which provide safety net services by accepting high volumes of Medicaid, cash, and/or charitable care patients, are also eligible.

No, we are not a distributor. A distributor is an intermediary between the producer of a product and another entity in the distribution channel. Along with our suppliers, we work closely with distributors so our members get the goods and services they need.

You do NOT order anything directly through Afaxys Group Services. Our website provides all the information you need to access the contracts, products, and services you’re interested in. You can also call your sales representative any time at 855-GPO-INFO.

Afaxys Pharma provides a broad portfolio of branded and generic contraceptives to the public healthcare market. Afaxys is the #1 provider of oral and emergency contraceptives in U.S. clinics.*

*IQVIA Data on File. Charleston, SC, Afaxys Inc.

Explore our website here.

Call us toll-free at 855-GPO-INFO.

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As a member, you’ll be added to our email distribution list to be included on eblasts, special promotions, and updated product information. In addition, you will have a sales representative directly assigned to your account to explain your membership benefits and answer all questions.

Yes, Afaxys GPO has no exclusivity requirements.

Afaxys GPO negotiates and maintains hundreds of sourcing contracts with nationally recognized manufacturers and service providers. We connect our members to suppliers with affordable options for cost-effective patient care. From Aubra EQ® to Zithromax®, ultrasound machines to vaccines, office furniture to staplers, we have everything your clinic needs at an affordable price. Afaxys GPO offers lower costs and a streamlined ordering process so you can spend more time on patient care.

Afaxys GPO:

  • Saves you money
  • Provides best-in-class customer service
  • Features a members-only website with information and instruction on how to easily order with our contracted suppliers
  • Maintains the lowest pricing and member-only discounts
  • Offers access to hundreds of contracts

No, Apexus is a GPO solely focused on 340B entities. Afaxys GPO is for both 340B and non-340B entities. You can be a member of both Afaxys GPO and Apexus.

No Member Fees!
No minimum purchase volumes.

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